The Friday Night

Join us each week for The Friday Night, where we learn about Christianity, eat a lot of food, meet lots of friends, and make some unforgettable memories!

We will be meeting at 7 pm at 405 W 22nd Street, starting with dinner. After that will be our Bible Study, followed by different games and activities. Hope to see you there!


Freshmen Connect!

During our Freshman Connect we will now be going over Course 101. If you are a Christian coming into college and want to meet other freshmen Christians, this is the place! But whether or not you are a Christian, learn the fundamentals of Christianity so you can either strengthen your faith, or investigate Christianity for the first time! We meet every Sunday before our Sunday Service at 11:00 AM on campus at Sanchez 296! And of course, we start with a delicious brunch so you can get away from that dorm food!


Sunday Service

Come join us as we explore the Bible each Sunday at 1pm at 405 W. 22nd St!

We’ll be learning what the Bible has to say about life, about God, and about us and how it is still relevant to us today. We’ll be studying the book of Hebrews this Fall. Whether you’re new to Christianity or have gone to church before, all are welcome!


Exploring Christianity

We’ve finished our Exploring Christianity series, where we covered the questions:

Where did we come from?
What went wrong?
What’s the solution?
Where are we going?

If you missed out, don’t worry, we’ll be continuing to explore Christianity each week! Check our latest posts for times and locations.