Year End Bible Study + Christmas Gift Exchange!

Wow, it’s hard to believe that the year is almost over! Come join us this Friday, 12/2, for our Year End Bible Study. We will be meeting at 7pm at 405 W 29th St.

Afterwards, we will be having our annual Christmas Gift Exchange! It is a fun time where we bring a small gift and play a big game. You never know what gift you will end up with. 🙂 Please bring a $5-$10 new, wrapped gift, and get ready for a great time!


Praxis Service

Come join us as we explore the Bible each Sunday at 3 pm at 405 W. 22nd St!

We’ll be learning what the Bible has to say about life, about God, and about us and how it is still relevant to us today. We’ll be studying Genesis, the first book of the Bible, this Fall. Whether you’re new to Christianity or have gone to church before, all are welcome!

RECAP: 4Corners TFN and Laser Tag!

This past week, we started Week 1 of Course 101, a systematic week by week study into the basics of Christianity. And this week, we took a look at what we could learn about God and people from the very first chapter of the very book of the Bible, Genesis 1. We also took a look at whether or not naturalism really makes sense – whether or not there are things that exist that can’t be sensed by our five senses – such as love and free will.

Going through C101!

Going through C101!

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